Everyone Wears A Mask!


Halloween is right around the corner. We love it just as much as the next friendly neighbor but please do remember that you are opening your door on Halloween. Everyone is wearing a mask! Just be careful, make sure that any doors that lead to outside are locked (except for when you're handing out candy!) and also make sure that all of your windows are locked! If you're going out, do not forget to put your alarm on! Better to be safe than sorry. 


1. Halloween is great & candy is delicious. 

2. Make sure your backdoors, exterior basement/garage doors, and windows are locked. 

3. If you leave the house, remember to put the alarm on. (Really whenever you go out, not just Halloween please). 

4. If you don't yet have an existing or activated alarm system, it's never too late to start! Give us a call for a free consultation. 732-972-1100.